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Shack History and Download Material

Updated April 6th 2013

The Map 008-002 building (“The Shack”) seen above, replaced an older existing building (Oil Shed built circa 1930). The Shack was constructed between 2003-2006, with CEO approvals and review from the planning board Vinalhaven and the Planning Board. Dick Fish the CEO approved the location, the foundation, the size, and mixed use. He also approved the move of the old building providing it was on skids. In what appears to be a dispute with a neighbor, over other unrelated issues (Sumac removal, loaned use of a road, and houses, removal of large tress see email) the town manager challenged that 2003 approval on October 2nd 2012 (see 80K Suit) with a formal 80K Rule law suit claiming that the building was constructed without any building permit and the old building was moved without CEO, Dick Fish approval. However she did that without ever talking to Mr. Stevens, or any formal review, and never discussed with any of the construction crew or reviewed town records. She also served the suit without formal approval of the Board of Selectman.

On October 24
th John Stevens met with the Selectman with all members of the original construction team, at a public town meeting. He provided printed material, including building permits, photographs, and live construction crew testimony that would be used as affidavits in court n the 80K suit, and a 2003 planning board member (see Selectman Summary) who inspected the site and property in 2003 with the CEO Dick Fish. He showed that all the 2003 and 2006 LUO and floodplain rules were followed, and that the, 2003 Planning Board and 2003 CEO were both informed and approved all steps in the Shack construction and use.

After reviewing that material the Selectman voted 3:1 to drop the 80K suit. Mr. Stevens was also anxious to avoid any unnecessary litigation, and agreed to not claim any legal costs, and to narrow the Shack use going forward to a Research Facility only use. We were unaware that we required NRPA DEP State Approval for the building in 2003 (I am now told, a common error in State of Maine) and he also agreed to file an After-The-Fact permit as a Water Dependent Structure with NRPA DEP (see
DEP Application).

The Shack has been used since 2006 as a workshop, storage for boat items, saltwater research for wireless RuBee tags, and as a Guest House. The Shack has been used for family overflow in the summer. My brother (a Boston Chief) for approximately total three weeks since 2006 (one week each for three years) and was called also called the Chief Shack or Montrachet (a dish my brother developed). No full meals have ever been cooked in Shack, and despite many requests from Welches (see
email), no one else has rented the Shack.

The shack is listed in Tax records since 2006 as a Detached Workshop (see
Town record). Mr. Stevens has been paying taxes on the Shack as a Workshop.

The LUO regulations and Flood Plan regulations that were in effect 2003 are the reference regulations, and the Planning Board is not being asked to provide an After-The-Fact 2013 permit. Rather the Planning Board is being asked to narrow the use to Water Dependent Research Use Only. After extensive review of our past use and future proposed use by the DEP, we received approval from the DEP for Water Dependent Research Facility (see

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Summary of active past and future planned R&D is included in the Home tab. The shack provides a perfect dry dock test bed for work with wireless tags. Antennas and tags may be placed at low tide and get flooded at high tide. The Antenna stem distance is about 30' and minimizes signal loss. Example tests carried out for the lobster emolt temperature tests is shown on right.