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The New Hampshire Demo Center and Lab

It has been suggested that the Shack is too attractive as a research facility. Anyone who runs a technology company quickly learns that cubical offices and tin shacks won't attract or keep talent. Tech companies become families and offices become homes. The Shack was built to carry-out work by same talented engineers who work in NH facility.

The NH facility is an attractive open apartment and was purpose built in 2001 to carry-out Visible Assets R&D, associated with RuBee wireless tags. Over 123 projects have been carried out at this site since it was built. Below is an example project. You see Plutonium containment vessel that uses RuBee sensor tags to report status of the Plutonium though the container similar to the tags placed on lobster traps. See the final DoE published report http://www.va-i.com/Vis-SEC/Work/WhitePapers/PlutoCont/L-TSM-A-00003-STI.pdf. Bottom line is these facilities are attractive and friendly, and have been constructed to be engineering "homes".

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The New Hampshire Research facility (called the Demo Center) is attached to John Stevens house in New Hampshire. He has 3 full time engineers who work in the facility, with 4-5 other people who work from home, but come to facility often for meetings etc.. The NH facility has couches, full kitchen, bathroom with a shower, meeting table and lab bench space. The NH facility is also equipped with a blow-up bed and is often used for "overflow" or if engineers working late on deadline project. The video below is a quick tour followed by several pictures.
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