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A. General Background Material.

This material is organized in logical order by time or by content
Original 1998 SubSurface Septic Approval for Guest House
Letter From Larry Hopkins, 2003 Planning Board Member
2003 Planning Board Signed Approval
2003 Planning Board Minutes
2003 Signed Issued Building Permit
Letter From Contactor Dave Moyer
Letter From Plumber re Plumbing Permit
Plumbing Inspector Log Book 2003-2007; Note: No Internal plumbing permits were issued with SubSurface Permits
Signed and Issued SubSurface Plumbing Permit (Town admitted they lost the 1298 permit)
State Letter says that the Town was obligated to file plumbing permits with State, and they have no record of 1298
80K Served Law Suit
Detailed Sumary and History provided Selectman October 24th
Minutes of October 24th Meeting
Material prepared for DEP for After-the-Fact approval.
Issued Maine DEP After The Fact Material - Provided by State of Maine
Welch Request to Rent Shack, We said no we would not let them "rent" or use it.
Emails between Town CEO and Welches
Emails between Town Lawyer an Stevens Lawyer re Case Law and mediation.
Land Use Regulations 2003
Land Use Regulations 2006
Land Use Regulations 2009
B. Research Material.
Active NOAA Bottom Temperature Conceptual Operations Bottom Temperature
Example WhitePaper Using RuBee Tags
Study carried out for USDA - we plan to do similar study on about 30-50 tagged lobsters with antennas on bottom. Note Stem lengths in all of these antenna sites.
Work on this product was carried out 2007-2010 using Shack
Proposal for similar drill pipe product. Preliminary work carried out in Shack.
Trac-ID 2009 Plan
Down Hole Tag test in saltwater
Example WiFi Long Range Antennas Have Max 30' Stem
The eMolt NOAA Web Site
Email from eMolt Head - Jim Manning
Email from eMolt Head - Jim Manning